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The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming are from a Roman Catholic Monastery. They have a great passion for coffee and see it as an incredible fruit of the earth. The monks tend to the coffee from its growth, drying process to its roast and taste in the cup. Every step of the coffee making adds to the taste of the beans in your cup and the monks find this a delightful past time.

The Mystic monks hope to add a new chapter in the history of coffee. It is a well known fact that some monks have discovered the great use of the coffee beans as a delicious drink, that helps a sleepy monk.

How do Mystic monks know anything about roasting coffee? Monks are perfectionists in all their works. The Mystic Monks also love everything natural and earthy because it is very contemplative and recalls God’s works to them.

Monks have been seen as the backbone of Catholic culture. In America, coffee also has been a big part of American society. This is why coffee and Mystic monks go hand in hand. The Mystic Monks know that coffee is so integral in today’s society and see it as a great opportunity to give people everywhere a chance to have a unique relationship with these Mystic monks. The uniting of coffee and Mystic monks is a perfect combination.

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